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Personal parking meter

Seccural - Safety, Security, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Detection, Building Control Data/ Video/ Audio transfer over networks Intranet and Internet Data/Video/Audio Digital Recording and Retrieving.
Seccural Ltd. products have always been at the forefront of technological innovation.....
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Personal parking meter Seccural’s personal parking meter is quick, reliable and efficient – the smart way to handle on-street parking charges. It is displayed inside the parked vehicle and automatically deducts the parking fee from the pre-paid bank inside the device. Designed to cope with the pressures of modern urban life...
Making life easier for drivers
  • It is affordable, portable and PC ready.
  • User friendly - easy to operate
  • Cost effective - minimal investment
  • Highest security standards
  • No need to handle cash - no vandalism problems
  • Wide variety of features and options
  • Easily integrated into existing parking systems
  • City tariffs and regulations incorporated into system
  • Parking data can be collected for management analysis
  • Easy distribution of revenue between participating authorities
  • Can be topped-up over the internet, mobile phone, or in certain shops
  • Replaceable battery
  • Can be reloaded as often as required – no maximum number of reloads
  • Multiple zone operation
  • Can be programmed to work only in one zone – to replace the special permits
  • Can be programmed to charge a maximum fee
  • Totally maintenance-free
  • Can be programmed with the city/university's zones and tariffs
  • Simple and efficient enforcement (visual and using an external device)

  • Advantages The day-to-day management of the system can be run independently by a parking management body. Managing this system required very littlie overhead staff. Motorist can Top-up the device in outlet shops, newsagents and via the internet/SMS. For the organisation managing the parking scheme can benefit from:
  • Battery powered
  • A Cashless system – there isn’t a need to deal with cash.
  • A credit in advance- motorist top-up their devices in advance, before parking.
  • Parking information can be upload from the parking device for statistical analysis.
  • New parking zones/tariffs can be uploaded automatically.

    Personal parking meter by Seccural
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